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>>>This track is an embodiment of a message that Dr. Steven Greer and the CSETI team have for our planet. A message we can all relate to no matter where we stand under the stars. This is Icarus Kid reaching out to all sentient life forms, one love from Earth!<<<


Dr. Steven Greer has announced "The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy" once and for all. A campaign for the people, by the people.

The world is about to change and you can be a part of it!

Dr. Steven Greer, the father of the Global Disclosure Movement, is thrilled to announce the ultimate campaign that ends illegal UFO and Free Energy Technology secrecy once and for all and embraces the beginning of a new civilization on Earth.

Following “Sirius”, one of the most successful crowdfunded documentaries in history, Dr. Greer and his team are producing Unacknowledged : An Expose of the Greatest Secret in Human History.

“Unacknowledged” is named after the super- secret and illegal Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) that deal with the UFO/ET issue and will be THE disclosure event that we’ve been waiting for … AND we need your help to make it happen.

If you are inspired ... please click for more information -



released June 20, 2016




icarus kid Trenton, New Jersey

Icarus Kid has transformed from a simple thought to an actual manifestation. The bright hearted indigo kid behind this project is Justin Wagner, a 24 yr old with big dreams living throughout Earth. Providing mixes and tracks that are being dug up from ancient heart rhythms. We love bass, we love you, we love earth. All are one and one is all. Smile, feel the beat in your heart, and dance. ... more

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